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Welcome to the Sample Submissions site for the Duke University Proteomics Core Facility. The School of Medicine and the GCB have collaboratively created a Proteomics Core Facility to provide protein characterization resources for the Duke Research Community. These services include protein identification and protein quantitation from a wide variety of sample types from simple mixtures (gel spots and bands) to complex mixtures (protein complexes, cell lysates, and plasma). The facility is located in room B02 (basement) of the Levine Science Research Center.

From this site, you can submit samples and check the status of samples submitted to the Proteomics Core Facility. Prior to submitting any samples, please consult Dr. Arthur Moseley ( or Dr. Will Thompson ( or Dr. Erik Soderblom ( for a consultation on a per-project basis. No samples will be accepted without consultation. If you have questions about the use of this web-based submission application, please contact